Mr. Matej Michalko

Founder and CEO of Decent

Matej Michalko is a pioneer of blockchain innovations with long-term experience. Matej is the founder and CEO of DECENT. He also founded ALAX, a successful mobile-gaming platform aimed at the Asian markets. As a blockchain advocate, he hosted, spoke, and led many conferences all around the world, which has helped him reach the status of an innovator.
Matej was recognized by Forbes Slovakia and given the prestigeous “30 under 30” award—given to the most talented people under 30—for his accomplishments in making DECENT and DCore the highly successful technology it is today.
DECENT was founded in 2015, is a blockchain innovator with its own platform, DCore, empowering users to rapidly create and migrate business-ready, scalable and decentralized applications. DECENT is dedicated to building a strong ecosystem of projects to encourage the successful realization of the benefits blockchain has to offer for organizations and customers across multiple industries. The company is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Matej is passionate about blockchain technology and will continue to educate the public about the benefits it will provide.