Mr. Ma Lin

Director, China Academy of Urban Planning & Design

MA Lin, born in November 1961, is a professor-level senior engineer. In July 1982, he graduated from Tongji University with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Since August 1982, he has been working in China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD), successively serving as deputy director and chief engineer of urban transportation institute.

He is currently the vice director of CAUPD urban transportation specialty academic committee and the deputy director of ministry of housing and urban-rural development urban transportation engineering technology center. He is also the editorial committee of urban planning, vice editor of urban traffic, director of China urban planning association urban traffic planning degree committee, and member of China intelligent transportation association expert committee.

He has been engaged in strategic, policy, technical research and planning formulation in the field of urban traffic planning for a long time, and participated in scientific research and management in the field of modern transportation technology in the “11th Five-Year Plan” and the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the 863 National Plan. He presided over the “13th Five-Year Plan” State Key Research and Development Plan “Integrated Transportation and Intelligent Transportation” key special implementation scheme, and served as the leader of the key special group of experts.